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Trapped behind invisible walls
Escape never calls
This self made prison,
I used to feel its protect

Now the source of my deepest self neglect
Inside this box, im to small to move
Self respect,
Im not allowed to choose

Held under with only responsibility
To keep me happy inside
With growth i long to shed old ways,
But a realization arrived

Learned esteem comes from
Helping others gain their pride
Doesnt matter that its trapped me Read more »



Oh treacherous feelings, treacherous feelings                                                                  

My depth your always revealing

My fate your always sealing

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The Wind Through The Remains

The silent wind blows
Through the remains of the past
Where my body was

To Where I Belong

So please set me free
Into the wild
Please set me free
To Where I belong

The sun is setting down
Into the sea
The ripples are passing by
By the breeze

Such a lonely life to see
This place is just not for me


Roaming in the grasslands
Baying to the moon
Gazing into the stars
Too much tears fall too soon

Such a lonely life to see
This place is just not for me


I wish to go away Read more »

Kiss Your Camel

As some of you know, I've spent most of the last four years travelling around the world trying to DO the things I've wanted to do instead of thinking about them. It has been a time of great reflection and growth as well as a period of adventure and some danger. (avoiding tsunamis, bombings, shootings and stabbings)

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Your wetness penetrates me,


Elevates my mood.


The hazy rememberence of your touch


Calms my soul. Read more »

If I Have Kissed An Angel

If I have ever kissed an Angel, 

And I'm sure I might have,

Her lips would be gentle, 

Hesitant and rich.

Tongue to lips,

A gentle caress,

Released ambrosia

Heady scent.

Her dewy breath

Moistens my heart

Cracked and strong

From life long work.

If I ever kissed an Angel,

And I'm sure I might have.

'Twould be brief, shy and secure.

Softly, so softly that nary a pixie should stir. Read more »

Dots Up There

I wonder, i wonder, I wonder why

The stars are in the sky

And I am stuck down here

On this tiny little sphere

Looking up to there

From here Read more »

Life's Furnace


obfuscate direction.....
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Thievery Not

To be with one another 
is not to steal a moment 
or capture a slice of happiness. 
Sharing our time is simply 
life, courage, song. 
It does not happen on the sly, 
but in the open 
steadfast and true. 
Humbly, I thank you.

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