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Guidance and Direction

Written at age 17

Temperamental beings of love and duty

When it comes to the end your love turns unruly

Affectionate souls without purpose or thought

Love guides one to devastation, encourages another to be bought

Why such a simple story but yet so hard to tell?

What makes one love so happy and another hell?

I reach for you sometimes your there

Life leads all in two directions, no one can be spared

My Heart is Falling Apart

unknown age

My heart is falling apart

My heart is broken and worn down

It wants to cry but doesn’t make a sound

It screams as it pounds in my head

But its thoughts won't be said

It can't cry for what it needs

It can't cry because it bleeds

My heart is falling apart

My heart is bruised and scarred

It tries to get away but it's always barred Read more »

Not Ready for Me

Written at unknown age


You’re the only one in my mind

How do you let go of a love that was so hard to find

Your kindness your purity is a dream for my eyes to see

But you’re not ready for me

To much pain you have had to endure

Trust you once had is now all obscure

Your sweet soul, so warm to my touch

Has been hurt so very much

Even if you know Read more »

Make Myself Whole?

age unknown

I think the answer lies somewhere deep in my soul

Its sad to see whats been created in me 

I've allowed it to breath

I think the question was

How do I make myself whole?

But I don't know

So I fake all the rules as I play in this game

I make them up as I go

I think the problem is

I seem to have lost all control Read more »

No Need To Breed

      During any given year, over 6 million dogs and cats* (more than the entire human population of Missouri) enter shelters and become homeless.  Over 50%* of them are euthanized due to overcrowding or health issues related to abuse and neglect.  The sad animals you see in the t.v. Read more »

The Ballad of Clarence Darrow

(Being in part his summation in the trial,
Haywood vs. The State of Idaho, July, 1907.)

It was so hot in Idaho
The courtroom oak did rain
With sweat and cries of justice, for
Your favored son was slain.

The flag above the judge's head
Stood dripping red and white,
The judge, himself, in dripping black,
His face was gaunt and tight.

Twelve men who left their fields of corn
To farm what justice sows
And place a sentence on a man
Of freedom or gallows. Read more »

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