Paris by Taxi

It was summer and it was Paris, a city where romance is more natural than the night stars and where every wind-blown shish of a woman's skirt excites the fantasies of those young men who by fate or calculation find themselves in this all consuming environment. Nor, or course, are the women blameless for the moral behaviour of their biological counterparts, for on every side street abide the most notable of Paris's citizenry, without whom, the Third Reich would soon have lost all interest. Read more »

Strangers Now

Jennifer drove the old Range Rover down a dirt road. She was a powerfully built woman, confident in her power and bodily contours. Her body swayed in rhythm with the motion of the car. Brad, her husband, sat in silence beside her, watching her watching the road. Attached to the roof rack was everything they had left. "We're almost there," she said without taking her eyes off the rutted road. Read more »

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