Free verse

An unrhymed poem without regular meter; very close to prose writing.


Your wetness penetrates me,


Elevates my mood.


The hazy rememberence of your touch


Calms my soul. Read more »

Dots Up There

I wonder, i wonder, I wonder why

The stars are in the sky

And I am stuck down here

On this tiny little sphere

Looking up to there

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Life's Furnace


obfuscate direction.....
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At A Glance

Beneath the stars is a darkened glade, 

your pale nude body sublime in the shadows, 

starkly hidding from a stranger's gaze. 

Your panting fear cannot dampen 

your sensual luminence and feral desire. 

Trapped you are, held tight against the bonds 

not of this wooded spot but against your 

misunderstood need to exist pristine and be sullied. 

There is no contrast between light and dark. 

And we need not hide in shadow. 

Thievery Not

To be with one another 
is not to steal a moment 
or capture a slice of happiness. 
Sharing our time is simply 
life, courage, song. 
It does not happen on the sly, 
but in the open 
steadfast and true. 
Humbly, I thank you.

The Wave

The sun comes up
the world travels forward
unveiling another day.

Bearing rays of hope,

yet born of despair as a life is saved and another is dead

A heart bursts keeping the end at bay

to keep dreams undone, to outrun the beast, it can’t be done.
the wave crashes over all.

The fight goes on. No one wins
the wave crashes over all.

The sun comes up today
The end is near some say
and the world travels forth
unveiling another day.

Our Flaws are like....

Our flaws are like our fingerprints  all different and varying, not one of us exactly like another.

They make us different they make us beautiful,

They make us human

 Look around, you see it in all of us

We are beautifully imperfect

We are all human

We go through life leaving our fingerprints on everything we touch   Read more »

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