A poem style originating in Japan usually set in a particular season and composed of 17 syllables in three unrhymed lines of 5/7/5 syllables respectively. An English version of this style can be modified to a 6/7/6 syllabic pattern.

The Wind Through The Remains

The silent wind blows
Through the remains of the past
Where my body was


You. Now. Wet. Open. 

Me. Breath. Power. Thrust. Taking. 

Ice melts. Life blossoms. 

If I Have Kissed An Angel

If I have ever kissed an Angel, 

And I'm sure I might have,

Her lips would be gentle, 

Hesitant and rich.

Tongue to lips,

A gentle caress,

Released ambrosia

Heady scent.

Her dewy breath

Moistens my heart

Cracked and strong

From life long work.

If I ever kissed an Angel,

And I'm sure I might have.

'Twould be brief, shy and secure.

Softly, so softly that nary a pixie should stir. Read more »

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