A poem with matching similarity of sounds of two or more words, most frequently at the end of the line.


Trapped behind invisible walls
Escape never calls
This self made prison,
I used to feel its protect

Now the source of my deepest self neglect
Inside this box, im to small to move
Self respect,
Im not allowed to choose

Held under with only responsibility
To keep me happy inside
With growth i long to shed old ways,
But a realization arrived

Learned esteem comes from
Helping others gain their pride
Doesnt matter that its trapped me Read more »



Oh treacherous feelings, treacherous feelings                                                                  

My depth your always revealing

My fate your always sealing

  Read more »



Outside, does the sun even shine anymore

Crying, curled up on the cold kitchen floor

Alone, staring through a wall as hours go by

Empty, a chill that runs through you, again you start to cry

Silence, dead quiet sits in your ear

Rolling, down your cheek the wetness of your tear

Beating, so heavy is the heart dying in your chest

Green, so bright against the red eyes you cant rest

Spiraling, quietly falling deeper and deeper into a hole Read more »

The Oceans Pace

Written at 16


The sun glistened far from the stormy shore

I had walked for miles and my legs were sore

The tide rolls in soaking my feet

It brought a rise in me with coolness to stop the suns heat

The storm is over, I think of hours gone by

Look at the damage and wonder why

Did someone do something to cause it to be this way?

Or is it just something that happens everyday? Read more »


Written at unknown age

Sometimes we forget to love one another

We forget how much it means to be together

Sometimes we forget to search for each other

We forget we need one another

Sometimes we forget how fragile we are

We are like paper on the oceans floor

We do not want to fade in the sunlight

Or grieve in the moons sight

Sometimes you see the needs of an enemy or a friend Read more »

My Inflamed Heart

Written at age 19

My inflamed heart

Once again, you’ve torn me apart

Logic, you know not

Emotions are all you’ve got

A breeze makes you dance

You expose yourself with a glance

My inflamed heart

Just once, find someone to never part

Blushing won't make you grow

Reasoning, you just don't know

I've had to hang my head in sorrow Read more »

The Best of Me

written at unknown age Read more »

The Dark of Sadness

Written at age 17


Every grain of sand in my drowning sea

Is just the words forgotten from my plea

Every pebble in my long sad road

Is just a truth I was never told

I'm in the dark of sadness

A lonely soul without a light

I realize you wonder if I can reach you

Without madness

You’re the only soul with enough might...

So how much longer? Read more »

Death of a Sinner

began at age 17 finished at 35 Read more »

Ariel's Poem

Written at age 21

You are my little baby girl

The most wonderful in the world

Everyday I hold you near to me

You grumble and gripe and bring me so many feelings of glee

I cannot tell you little one how deep my love goes

Because everyday it grows and grows

You’re the most wonderful thing I didn’t know I needed

With you our little family has been completed Read more »

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