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Aember Shea Grey

I'm a first time writer although I've been writing short stories and poetry since I can remember. I'm writing the autobiography as a way to release what I've held inside for so long, pain. I believe I held this pain so close to my heart that my heart began to see pain as something precious, something special to me. My heart became fond to this pain and created a life to continue the pain. I'm writing this book to free my emotions and unchain my heart. I want to release the pain I kept deep in my heart. I want my heart to feel a new reality. Pain has no value and is no longer precious to me. No matter how much I intellectually see this, if my heart doesn't feel it, I cannot live it. I hope others can find value in what I write. I want to believe when you turn your nightmares into your dreams, you'll never fear being alive and will always sleep well!

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My biggest reason for everything in my life is my children, their love, futures and happiness are the reasons I had to fight and win.

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