The Origins of "Pearls and Poets"


I have been an avid “blogger” for some time now. Sometimes I feel incredibly motivated to write, and other times not so much. I have to decided that since writing is something I want to do for the rest of my life, it’s probably best that I do it on a more regular basis. I hope to establish some kind of real-life reader base, and so I’m going to start putting out a new entry every Tuesday.

HBO’s “GIRLS” has taught me through Hannah (aka Lena Dunham), that pre-internet blogs are called “essays”. Maybe I made that interpretation on my own, but I’ve decided that, like Hannah, I write “essays”. Online. For the world to see. But I hate the term “blog”. So in an effort to steer away from that word, let’s stick with “essays”.

I’ve been using this WordPress account for some time, so there are old, angsty posts on here from years past. I won’t delete them, because some of them are really well written. Well, most of them are, that’s why I wrote them. Excuse me while I get a Swiffer to get this dust off my shoulder. I’m not humble about my writing. I’m good. And I know I’m good because, similar to how I listen to a good song over and over again, I reread my stuff over and over again. There isn’t much I brag about so at least let me have this.

When I was 17, Alexisonfire’s Dallas Green started releasing music under the pseudonym “City and Colour”. I remember the first song of his I heard – “Like Knives”. I remember my best friend was driving us to Tim Horton’s because I was sad and he wanted me to talk to him and the song was playing on his cd player – a song will late be a reminder of our broken friendship… which is completely beside the point. Later, I was trying to download the songs and pass word on to my friends, but I was confused about whether he went by “Dallas Green” or “City and Colour”. I don’t know WHY I was so confused, but I was.

It was about… 3 or 4 years later, that I discovered where the name “City and Colour” came from. “Dallas” is a city, and “Green” is a colour! How fanstastically brilliant! My simple mind was very amazed by this and so I presented this information to my fellow Dallas lover and we decided it would be fun to figure what our band names would be using the same criteria.

When I was 6 or 7, someone told me “Megan” was Gaelic for “Pearl”. When the google came out, I googled it, and discovered that it was Greek or Welsh or something, but it did, in fact, mean “Pearl”.

My last name is a name most non-Germanic people pronounce incorrectly due to the English language’s rule of “I before E except after C” and that an “ei” somehow makes an “ee” sound. Which doesn’t even make sense because we don’t say “nee-bours”, we say “nay-bours” (neighbours  )… then again I guess it would be “neye-bours”…. Bad example. We don’t say… okay I can’t think of any other “ei” words. But from taking a German course, and my grandparents/ancestors being primarily German, I learned the Germans say “ei” like “eye” and “ie” like “ee”. We learned that at a young age because my Grandma’s maiden name is Friesen – as in, “I’m freezin’!” Not, “I’m Frysen” and, of course, I’ve known how to say my own name for a good 22 years now. However, for some reason, most people pronounce my last name “Reemer”, except the good German/Mennonite people of Greater Winnipeg Area. Therefore, I’ve spent 22 years either correcting people or happily telling telemarketers that “Mrs. Reemer does not live at this residence”. Of course to help people learn and remember how to say my name, I often encourage them to think of rhymes, and to think of me as a rhymer, or a rapper… OR, a poet.

So, almost a little too easily, and too perfectly, Pearls and Poets came blurting out of my mouth that afternoon at Starbucks and my friend decided she didn’t want to play name game anymore because there was no way she could trump that. It’s beautiful, and alliterate, and is a disgustingly perfect and suitable pseudonym for a writer.

This revelation has lead me to seriously question whether or not I would take my husband’s name when I get married. I guess it depends how good his is.

This is me. I am Pearls and Poets. My real name is a secret, cause that’s kind of fun, unless someone blows my cover ( I guess I already blew it myself, didn’t I?). For those of you who don’t actually know me, I’m a Canadian Mennonite girl (and I use the term “Mennonite” to describe the Heritage I’m proud of, primarily because they were peacekeepers during the wars, and they make really good food – I do not wear long dresses, nor can I sit on my hair) who was born in Winnipeg but raised and currently resides in Calgary. I have two cats, but I’m not crazy. The first one licks windows and the second ones hates to be held. They’re cute though. I have parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends and I’ll probably talk about most of them in essays at some point in my life. I work full time and am finishing my degree so I can continue to write and then people might be more inclined to read what I say because I have a $50000 piece of paper. That and pay me for it.

For the most part, I will write about whatever I feel inclined to. I hope to spread it up between serious and lighthearted. If anyone wants to hear my valued opinion on something, please let me know. Stay tuned to hear more from me on Tuesdays. Tuesday is a nice, neutral day and there isn’t usually anything on TV so it’s easy to be absorbed by the internet – that’s why I picked Tuesday.

Now to figure out a sign off, signature, acronym type…thing.


No, that’s a terrible acronym. I can’t be known as “peepee”.


Hahahahaha. That’s much worse. This is not boding well for me.

p&p – let’s go with that.

Yours truly,