What is The Creative Workflow?

The Creative Workflow was designed by the creative team at Best Writers Place to help you write. The workflow stages mirror what you, as an author, would go through in a typical creative process:

These stages include:

  • Draft
  • Work in Progress
  • Publish

When you first begin a work, it is automatically placed in the Draft state. In this state, no other member and view your work and you can write it and keep it in this state as long as you like.

Perhaps at some point, you may want to get the opinion and feedback from fellow members. In that case, all you need to do is put your work in the Work in Progress state.  You can keep your work in this state as long as you like and also continue to revise your work.

Or, maybe, you want to publish your work for all the world to see. In that case, just put it in the Publish state and it will be available to the general public and, of course, to other members. Now, everyone will be able to comment on your work and to rate it. In this state, you will not be able to edit it. If you want to edit your work, you will need to change its state back to Work in Progress or Draft. The reason we do this is we'd like to think that once a work in "published" it is final but, of course, we know better! We know the creative process is never final and so we make it possible for you to unpublish your work and continue working on it. Perhaps it is because you have had additional inspiration, perhaps it is due to a illustrative comment or ratings. No matter what the reason, you will always be able to unpublish your work.

The Creative Workflow is your flexible tool to better writing!

The Creative Workflow toolbox also includes a couple of fee-based services, which are strictly voluntary, and are offered with the intent of helping improve your writing. These services are explained below.