About Us

BestWritersPlace is a web site developed for writers by writers. We hope to make this one of the best places on the Internet for you to develop your skills and talent, get feedback from other writers, critics and the public at large, get published and, yes, perhaps even sell your work.

We welcome all writers, from those who are aspiring to those who have published multiple times. Whatever your writing level, we want you to feel comfortable here so you can write at your best.

We also recognize the role and importance of the critic in any artistic endeavor. Criticism, itself, is an art and for those of you who want to develop that art, this is the place to do it. At BestWritersPlace, you may choose the reviewer role when you register. And while other authors may offer criticism, the reviewer plays a large part in determining whether a book is published or not.

But we want to be very clear about something from the start. Writing is hard; we recognize that. And we are serious about helping you achieve your goals.

That is why we created this web site.