BestWritersPoints™ provide you with rewards for doing the things you already love to do -- writing and commenting.

The more you write; the more you comment; the more points you receive. Get points just for signing in. From time to time, we also run special promotions so you can even add to your point total more quickly. Special promotions are announced site-wide and, if you are a member and want to receive announcements, you will get an email telling you about them.

Accumulate 10,000 BestWritersPoints and you will receive a $5.00 gift card

Below is a list of some of the points you can receive.

Activity Points
Create New Account 50 BestWritersPoints (BWPs)
Login 5 BWPs per week
Post a book 50 BWPs
Post a short story 10 BWPs
Post an essay 10 BWPs
Post a poem 5 BWPs
Write a blog entry 2 BWPs
Create a forum topic 2 BWPs
Participate in a forum 1 BWP
Write a comment 1 BWP

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 BestWritersPoints are available to registered members only. Points are deducted when the author un-posts a qualifying post. BestWritersPoints have no cash value and cannot be used for cash. Terms of this offer may be changed at any time without prior notice.