Copyright Policy (BWP) is a place that caters to one's creative writing instinct. You retain the rights of everything you write at BWP. We provide a mandatory copyright field on all produced on BWP work that must be filled out with your legal or pen name and not just your login name if that, in fact, differs from your legal or pen name. We encourage you to make a formal application of copyright to the appropriate copyright office. Information about how to do that is below.

When you write on BWP, you grant us a non-exclusive right to display and store your work. You are free to remove your work at any time, publish it with others or to sell it. Of course, we would like to be of help to you in the publishing and selling of your material. Please contact us at for more information.

We take the creative process very seriously and make no exception for individuals who might otherwise profit from the creative efforts of someone else. As a result, BWP has adopted a tough policy for anyone who infringes or plagiarizes the work of another. We adhere to the standards as set forth in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the NO Electronic Theft Act (Net Act) and other applicable international treaties for written and graphic material. We will immediately terminate the accounts of any members who, in our opinion, have committed such infringement and, if necessary, cooperate with law enforcement for the purpose of prosecuting such individual(s).

If you are the victim of copyright infringement, you must file a notice with us which lists, under penalty of perjury, the specific elements of the infringement. Upon such notice, BWP will remove the material from its Web Site and notify the member accused of such infringement of its action. BWP can be notified at

For more information about our policies, please review our terms of service.

Copyright Information:

Below are some useful links about copyrights and copyright information:

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