Kiss Your Camel

As some of you know, I've spent most of the last four years travelling around the world trying to DO the things I've wanted to do instead of thinking about them. It has been a time of great reflection and growth as well as a period of adventure and some danger. (avoiding tsunamis, bombings, shootings and stabbings)


I am slowly getting around to collecting all my pictures that I've taken along the way and get them organized in some manner so that I can share them with you. However, in combing through the hundreds that I have so far I've opened myself to these thoughts:


People, normal, everyday people, help each other all over the world. No matter what country I was in, the heart of the individual has proven true much more often than not. Simple acts of kindness between strangers are abundant and prevelant.


A favorite memory of mine from Koh Samui is sitting outside a small restaurant eating Pad Ka Pow Gai and watching this pretty twenty year old Thai girl walk down the street eating an ice cream cone. She stopped near a small 4 year old boy that was sitting down having a pout. With just a simple smile on her face, she knelt down, gave the boy a hug, said a few words in Thai or English, I'm not sure. Gave the boy her ice cream cone (which he ate greedily before it melted), held his hand as she walked him over to where his parents were standing watching (obviously they were the source of his pout). And then she walked away having in some small way made life a little more cheerful for this small family.


Simple acts of kindness. Pay attention and you'll see them all around you.


And just think, these not so epic events occur everywhere around the world between people that can't communicate with a common language or have trouble resolving cultural divide.


These acts are simple but not insignificant.


Even my camel in Egypt, pehaps a dumb beast, okay. But how much she enjoyed getting her ears and nose scratched. She carried me all over the desert she deserved a little affection and reward, doesn't she?


I have to think that these things matter maybe more than we know in keeping the world little more like a comfy garden than a chaotic swirl of mud.


So, kiss your camel and make the world a better place.