Oh treacherous feelings, treacherous feelings                                                                  

My depth your always revealing

My fate your always sealing


Their procreation led to their separation
Their seperation led to my disintegration through assimilation
It was my soul that became easily used for recreation


Time went by so slowly
Nobody even tried to get to know me
Invisible was all i was allowed to be


To break free
Would break me
I was taught to believe, so niave


Troubled, confused, weak,a limp wrist                                                                      

Ruled over with an iron fist                                                                                        

They allowed no thought, that wasn't on their list


When my eyes opened wide
The truth they couldn't hide
I saw the lies that held me inside


Oh treacherous feelings, treacherous feelings
They cause dangerous revealings
That bring soulful healings


So, I run away, all along believing i will pay
Its a sin to turn away, they will bring my judgement day
Death to the only world ive known, everything falls away


Condemnation, it was their last effort to keep me bound
But feeling the freedom, I could refuse to turn around
It was the unknown that held promises, all i'd lost would be refound


So into the unknown i must go, with only a smile to call my own
No possessions, its just me, my soul and my bone
Somehow, for the first time, I don't feel alone


Oh they condemned me, claiming the devil I would kiss
Arrogant they say I am, claiming in my ignorance its them I will miss
But I don't look back, i sense their kind of ignorance must be some kind of bliss