Death of a Sinner

began at age 17 finished at 35

Tapped into my subconscious mind
Didn’t expect but knew I would find
The vision I have is of you
A telescope image is my view
I see what you did from the start
Though the memory fades after the very first part
I feel the pain as I see me taking the blame
I feel guilt I hide, it tries to bind me
I feel shame overwhelm, as it cries inside me
Tapped into my subconscious mind
Didn’t expect the visions would be kind
The first moments it shreds me to pieces
When I get away, its reasoning ceases
Suddenly a strength from inside me
Wants a new reality to find me
I sense a cure starting to grow
I feel pure as it starts to show
I begin to see new truth behind the blame
I see reality exposing the game
The sinner standing without any shame
Me, the innocent, on the floor taking the pain
Its death to my pain
Dying to my shame
Breath life into the innocent who's without blame
Give death to the one who manipulated the shame
Death came to this sinner and his wicked game