Dots Up There

I wonder, i wonder, I wonder why

The stars are in the sky

And I am stuck down here

On this tiny little sphere

Looking up to there

From here

Upon this dot in space I roam

Calling this mud ball my comfy home

When my mind and spirit fly

To those other dots in the sky

What secrets do they hold?

Pin points of light eons old.

Simply put, my life is here

Struggling in this biosphere

And by God's grace I embrace this life

With its myriad challenges and strife

But, every once in awhile,

It behooves me to ponder and smile

What adventures and sights beckon me

If i could cross space like a sea

Perhaps, out there exists a friend

With insight for my heart to mend

Though I'd never give up the me today

That knows all things will be okay

Sometimes the weight of things long done

Can subvert my walk I've since begun.

But it is for this moment that I choose to be

With my free will that is so precious to me

And when I think of fate and destiny

I wonder what those points of light do see

Is there someone up there from here

Looking at my own tiny rotating sphere

Wondering if some pink fleshy thing

Would share the wisdom that my life can bring