Not Ready for Me

Written at unknown age


You’re the only one in my mind

How do you let go of a love that was so hard to find

Your kindness your purity is a dream for my eyes to see

But you’re not ready for me

To much pain you have had to endure

Trust you once had is now all obscure

Your sweet soul, so warm to my touch

Has been hurt so very much

Even if you know

I won’t hurt you

You cannot let go

I have fallen in with you so deep

From my love you must retreat

Leaving me all by myself, all alone

Sadness, cutting me to the bone

How long can I endure

This distance you need to explore?

How long can I hide

How much pain it leaves inside

You see how much I care

Of my feelings you are well aware

To my dismay

 You push me away

I have the strength to help you survive

I have been there I can keep you alive

Look into my eyes, and it makes you scared?

Why is it of me, you need to beware?

I’m afraid to share with you what I write

Your fears keep you from seeing the light

My fear is you will run further and hide

My fear is it will push you deeper inside

I do not see the brightness at the end

Your pain, my loneliness, they are becoming our friend

Tell me, where do you go, what do you do

When the one you love isn't ready for you?