The Oceans Pace

Written at 16


The sun glistened far from the stormy shore

I had walked for miles and my legs were sore

The tide rolls in soaking my feet

It brought a rise in me with coolness to stop the suns heat

The storm is over, I think of hours gone by

Look at the damage and wonder why

Did someone do something to cause it to be this way?

Or is it just something that happens everyday?

The wind has started blowing again; it sends a chill up my spine

But I know its all over, every things fine

The ocean does strange things to a person

You can’t just think, you have to dream

Then the suddenness of a storm brings you back to reality

Its life’s theme...

The darkness before the dawn or maybe its the dawn then the darkness

Who knows?

Only you tell how it goes

A moonlit night

Or a twinkle of sunlight

It makes no difference, its all the same

It puts awe in you that no one can frame

Intertwined between day and night

Moving from dark to light, can cause many frights

But here by the ocean you can sense the call

It tells so many stories but none you know all

You must pace yourself as you walk along these shores

For better or for worse but forever more.