Your wetness penetrates me,


Elevates my mood.


The hazy rememberence of your touch


Calms my soul.


I left the walls that sometimes restrain too much;


And took a step into a brisk, shocking cold


That soaks the wounds of life to a numbing joy


The possibilty of continuence is renewed again.


I walk and you follow with your pitter patter of cleansing


And I dream of what is and might have been.


I am happy that you've come to release your tension


For my own eases into puddles with yours.


My step quickens to a skip then a jaunt.


My smile that is sometimes forced turns to a grin.


I'd prefer to be in a loving embrace,


Candles lit, lips searching, passion consumed.


But alone, with you casting my gaze inward.


I can abide for other, more sensual fare.


As my forward gait pivots,


And my jaunt yet turns to spin.


Laughter escapes and my mouth opens wide,


Eyes closed, I drink of life and love of being.


The distant rumble bufffeting my ears,


The harbinger of change, of violence, of strength,


Signals that the passion, my outlet, my expression


Will arise in time, in circumstance, in patience.


The wind licks my heels as I return.


I sense the walls as I enter,


They have moved apart in respect.


My tumescent charge liquifies around my feet.


I sit and reflect what a damn good life this can be


When we take the time to exit and embrace the unknown


And keep the walls of safety at bay


With action and deed